Abseiling Angel Falls (15 days) €2,000 (International flights not included) Dec 2014 (Pre-booking now open)

rapel saltoGiving honor to its name and shoulder to shoulder with one of the most acclaimed Venezuelan rock climbers, VenezuelAdventure launches the Angel Falls ultimate experience. 12 days of intense adventure and contact with one of the few yet unspoiled places on earth.

For most people, coming to Venezuela for holidays and not being able to see Angel Falls is like not having holidays at all!

We went several steps further; or shall we say several meters further down? What about not only visiting the tallest waterfall in the world but, also, bivouacking next to it at 500 masl?

You don’t need to know anything about rock climbing, abseiling, or being extra brave. But you do need to be in shape to do this tour.

Day 1:

Flight Caracas/Margarita – Ciudad Bolívar – Uruyenvalle de kamarata

Checking equipment and luggage

Overnight at Uruyen Camp

Day 2:

Trekking Uruyen – Guayaraca

The trek lasts 6 hours, mostly through savannah vegetation. Difficulty: Moderate.

Day 3:

Guayaraca – El Peñónguayaraca

Ascending through the jungle to get near the summit. Difficulty: Demanding.

Day 4:

El Peñón – Campo Dragón

Continuing ascension until reaching the summit. Some manoeuvring with ropes needed. Difficulty: Moderate.

Day 5:

Campo Dragón

Day to rest. Excursion along Auyan Tepui and its river Churún.rio churun en el tope

Day 6:

Campo Dragón – Llovizna

Climbing the Second Wall. Trekking through the Tepuy summit to reach La Llovizna camp. 8 hours approximately. Difficulty: Demanding.

Day 7:

Llovizna – Salto Ángel (Angel Fall)

Trek 9 hours long. Rough terrain. Difficulty: Demanding.rapele salto

Day 8:

Salto Ángel (Angel Fall)

Day of rest. Preparation of abseiling equipment. Overnight in bivouac.

Day 9:

Abseiling 500 meters approximately. Overnight in bivouac.

Day 10:

Abseiling the rest of the tabletop, mostly through vertical rainforest. Arriving in Isla Ratón.

Day 11:

Isla Ratón – Canaima

Trip by boat. Lodging in Canaima.rapel salto angel

Day 12:

Canaima – Caracas/Margarita